Switching Banks

Moving to a new bank?

Let us know if you will be paying your mortgage from it.

If you are an Ulster Bank or KBC customer and pay your ICS Mortgage from an account with one of these banks, you will need to do the following before your close your account:

  • Notify your new bank of your direct debit payment for your mortgage to ICS Mortgages to ensure no payments are missed
  • Please fill out this form and return it to ICS Mortgages with your mortgage account number and new bank details to ensure we have been notified of the change and can amend our records to switch your direct debit to your new bank account
  • You will need allow sufficient time (10 days) for these changes to be made before a payment is due

Please contact our customer care team if you require any further assistance on
T: 0818 542 542 or E: customerservice@icsmortgages.ie